About Us

wattsnextpx is born from over 20 years of designing great workplaces.

With a focus on creating the best experience for Founders, CEO’s and employees we know we are the best in the business in this space. How do we know we are the best?  Because our Founder Sue-Ellen Watts is an entrepreneur who has built and grown a number of successful businesses from scratch and knows first hand what it means to have an engaged and high performing team.  

Originally from Australia, wattsnextpx has become her next venture because she saw that the notion of business owners and employees creating a better life experience through work was being overlooked. She wanted to provide this service to the businesses of New York City, her favourite city in the world!

From experience with over 200 organisations there are four things Sue-Ellen has heard consistently from Leaders and employees that they want:

'As a Leader I want my company to':

  • have the right people engaged in our journey and we are all heading is the same direction

  • be structured for achieving client results and growth

  • have a team of high performing people who are clear on what to do and how to do it

  • be diverse in its thinking and leveraging our strengths

'As an employee I want to work for a company': 

  • that knows where it is going and I understand the vision and choose to be on that journey

  • that makes sense structurally and allows me to achieve career goals that are unique to my skills and contribution

  • where I know when I have done a good job

  • that values and leverages differences in background, experience and thinking

The consistency of this feedback has driven the creation of wattsnextpx because we want Leaders and employees to work for companies that provide the best people experience.