wattsnextpx Founder Sue-Ellen Watts believes in the power of Entrepreneurship in the wider world and doing business for good.


We often hear stories of the ‘born entrepreneur’.  The kid who had a lemonade stand at five, sold baseball cards at school when they were eight, started a newspaper round at ten! 

Well I wasn’t that kid but from the early stages of my working life I realized fairly quickly that I wanted three things:

  1. Independence - I didn’t want to ever have to rely on anyone else for what I needed in life 

  2. Creativity - I wanted freedom to design a life that spoke to my beliefs, passions and goals since so much of life is designed by the work we do

  3. To inspire - inspiration has been a key fuel source for me since I was little. Books, quotes, human stories. I wanted to inspire. 

I didn’t know the term entrepreneur until well into my first business, however I now know I became an entrepreneur because it delivers these three things that I wanted in my life.

I am incredibly grateful for having the ability to keep expanding myself and designing my life through entrepreneurship.

As a result I want to give the gift of entrepreneurship: independence, creativity and the opportunity to inspire; to those who not only need it most but can leverage it to create critical change in our world. I believe this to be women in developing countries.

These women need this gift much more than I ever did or will.  Women who need to be entrepreneurs for the survival of themselves, their familes and their communities. 

This is why I am committed to helping women in third world countries become entrepreneurs. I do this through B1G1 by providing income generating opportunity impacts including business loans, bookkeeping skills and business training.

When I do business, someone can start their own business.

How can you help?  All you have to do is support or work with wattsnextpx and together we are making a difference.  

I make an impact to a family in need every time one of these activities occurs:

  • we receive a quality referral 

  • we have a quality prospect meeting

  • we win work

  • an invoice is paid early

  • we receive a quality testimonial 

  • I am paid to speak at an event

Our sister company wattsnext in Australia is also making a BIG impact through B1G1.  By July 2018 the wattsnext team had provided more than half a million days of clean drinking water to families in Malawi.  You can check out the progress the team Down Under are making here.