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How packing for my vacation led my 2019 business strategy

I returned from Hawaii last week where I spent 9 nights over the Christmas and New Year break with my family. The plan was beach, pool, exploring, dining and relaxing.

Prior to going I posted a short YouTube clip as part of my daily ‘Sel Unfiltered’ on how I think packing for your vacation should be a lesson on how to plan for the year ahead.

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By: Sue-Ellen Watts

Firstly, you will note that this is not just about what the employees want, which as an employer we are inundated with, but also what the employer needs. I am a big believer that a business’s health reflects the Founders health and if they are not happy no one else is going to be either.  As a result, it is important that there is a focus on what both need to ensure that the entire workplace eco-system is successful.

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