7 weeks ago I started an app guided 0-10km running program. There were two reasons for this:

  1. I had always said I couldn’t run and wanted to prove that I was basically lying to myself. Not so I could be a runner but so I could call upon this whenever I said I couldn’t do something. I am embarking on a new BIG business challenge and I wanted a tool to draw upon whenever the self-doubt crept in and said ‘I can’t do this’! I wanted to be able to quickly rebut myself and say ‘Well you said you couldn’t run and you did so it is likely you can do this too. Stop the doubt and get to work!’ Or something along those lines!

  2. I have a consistency issue. Basically, I am not consistent. So I set a goal that I would follow the app which is 3 runs a week for 11 weeks. It is gradual, consistent and measured. My plan is that at the end of the program I will have shown myself that I can be consistent and achieve goals in a sustainable way!


So basically being able to run 10km actually would mean I can do things I tell myself I can’t and I take a consistent approach to my goals! (With a bonus that I actually can run 10km!)

Well, today my consistency lesson gave me a little slap and reminded me of the business lesson I wanted.

The last few weeks I’ve fallen into my natural behavior of not sticking to plan and cramming at the last minute. Which in relation to this project means I missed 4 days of running and had to run 3 days in a row so that I don’t fall behind.

Albeit annoying, as usual, I was pulling it off. No major pain felt, just like in other areas of life. Now I know that it isn’t good for my body and I’d get better results if I didn’t do this but so far it wasn’t a major issue.

Until this week.

The program has ramped up and now I am running a lot longer. So today, after having gone 4 days without a run I had to do a back to back.

So what happened? Nothing dramatic but it was painful. My mind was in a good state (which is usually my biggest battle), my fitness felt like it could handle the distance today but my knees were not happy. They were really hurting. I tried to channel my Iron Cowboy and just run through it but ultimately I had to keep stopping and starting to relieve the pressure.  It messed with my head because I felt I wasn’t completing the days’ program perfectly but ultimately I still achieved more than I expected so it is no big deal.

However, IT IS a big deal because the real purpose of this project started working. It showed me in a physical sense what happens when I am not consistent. The impact on results, mindset, progress, and enjoyment.

With a physical challenge, it is extremely obvious when you haven’t done the work, you feel the pain of what you could’ve done had you executed the plan correctly.

In business, you don’t get shown what you could have been or could’ve done. It’s not as obvious to you what opportunities you miss from lack of consistency or not doing the work.   You never really know what was possible.  This project is to remind me of that.

My 0-10km running app is making me a better entrepreneur.  The project is working.