A little test for your business!

Hello from Sydney, Australia!
After the 34-hour commute (door to door) I am in Sydney for 24 hours before heading to the Gold Coast to see my boys!  Excited?  Yes!  It is a long trip for a short visit but all part of life right now.  This leads me to watts on my mind this week starting with my most said mantra right now!
watts the mantra I keep repeating to myself:  ‘It is just a moment in time’!  This is helpful for when times are tough or your hanging for something to be over.  However, it is also grounding to remember when times are great.  Because just like we know bad times end, so do good times.  Enjoy every moment, whether it be the challenge and opportunity to grow, or the pure pleasure.  Everything is just a moment in time!
watts not working:  your company values…maybe! Let’s see! There is not a lot I am more passionate about than company vision, mission and values being actual tools you use in your business.  I keep going on and on about them because most are getting it so wrong.  Last week a young lady told me her workplace values are great and really work!  I was excited, this is what I want every employee to say.  Until I asked her what they were, and she couldn’t remember them, not one!  Ummmm, they are not great and do not work.  Here is a test.  Walk away from this e-news (after you have finished reading it) and go and ask one employee what your company values are, what they mean and how they are using them.  Are they working?
watts got me thinking: whether doing surveys on what others consider to be my strengths and weaknesses is a valuable exercise.  I think not!  Read here to find out why!
watts awesome:  that I sat down with the incredible Dandapani last week.  We captured some of the discussion on The Unconventional Life vlog 002.  If you don’t already follow Dandapani I highly recommend it.  He is one very special human that I feel incredibly privileged to hang with!  Check it out here.
watts recommended:  Aussies if you haven’t bought your ticket to see Gary V in Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne in 2 weeks, then do!  Yes, he is my super hero but what he has to say is relevant, practical, real and valuable to everyone.  Do yourself a favor and see for yourself.  Info here.
Until next week, take care and enjoy the moment.

Sue-Ellen (Sel) Watts
Founder | Global CEO | People Experience Expert
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